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Beyond the Backyard


We are very excited to announce the newest addition to the Happy Dog class schedule,   “Beyond the Backyard”*!

Applicants for “Beyond the Backyard"* must have successfully completed Family Dog 1 at Happy Dog Training. Dogs must be non-reactive** to other dogs and people.

Dogs need not be perfect but should be able to: sit, down, stay, come, go to mat on cue, leave it on cue, as well as loose leash walking (at the Family Dog 1 level, meaning it’s okay to have food on your body during training). 

This class adds generalization and “depth”, to the skills your dog has learned in Family Dog 1, which means building strength and resilience to their basic skills so they can perform in any location. The main goal of this course is for your dog to happily respond to known cues amidst distractions, even when they know you do not have food in your hands or on your body! This also prepares your dog for the added distance, duration and distraction exercises, as well as off-leash work, that begins in Family Dog 2. 

Current Class Schedule 

*This course is based on Denise Fenzi's book by the same name and is 
now a prerequisite for Family Dog 2. **Dogs must not excessively bark, lunge or pull toward other dogs or people.


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