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Courses & Continuing Education


Nosework 101, Denise Fenzi Academy, Spring 2015

Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor's Course, (Reactive Dog Workshop), Grisha Stewart New York, 5 days, July 2014

Recallers 4.0 Course, Susan Garrett, 9 weeks, March - May 2012

Karen Pryor Academy, 8 months, 2011

  • Graduated with Distinction

Clicker Expo, Newport Beach, Ca., 3 days, January 2011, including: 

  • Aggression Treatment and Context (Ken Ramirez)
  • Clicking with Class - Teaching Classes Clicker Style (Tia Guest)
  • Mine! Using Play to Teach Self Control (Kay Laurence)
  • Click to Calm Unleashed - A Winning Combination for the Reactive Dog (Emma Parsons)
  • Smart Reinforcement (Ken Ramirez)
  • Generalization - Scientifically Explored (Jesus Rosales-Ruiz)
  • Learning Games and Play (Kay Laurence) 


Association of Pet Dog Trainers' Conference, Oakland Ca., 5 days, October 2009 including:

  • Symposium on Fear & Anxiety Behaviors (Dr. Emily Levine, Sue Sternberg, Kathy Sdao, Nicole Wilde, Pia Silvani, Dr. Doug Kneuven and Ian Dunbar)
  • Through a Dog's Ear: The Effect of Human Sounds on Animals (Joshua Leeds)
  • Training a Thinking Dog: The Advantages of Marker Training (Gail Fisher)
  • Evaluation of Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT) for Use in Inter-Dog Aggression
  • Problem Solving in the Real World (Steve White)
  • Handling Aggression Cases (Nicole Wilde)
  • It Appears to be Behavioral but Could it Be Medical? (Dr. Ellen Lindell)
  • Dog Sports or Dog Parks? (Sue Sternberg)
  • Training Small Dogs (Teoti Anderson)

Reactive Rover Camp, Peaceable Paws (Pat Miller), 3 days, Maryland, June 2009

Constructional Aggression Treatment Workshop, Peaceable Paws, 3 days, Maryland, Oct. 2008

Shaping Camp, Peaceable Paws (Pat Miller), 3 days, Maryland, June 2007

Cues and Behavior Chains, Kathy Sdao, 2 days, Massachusetts, April 2007

Advanced Clicker Skills, Kathy Sdao, 2 days, Connecticut, October 2006

Camp Gone to the Dogs, 5 days, Vermont, September 2006, including:

  • Preventing, Solving and Managing Behavior Problems (Sue Sternberg)
  • Barking Problems
  • Dog to Dog Problems
  • Real Life Fun & Games
  • Tricks
  • The Purely Positive Recall (Barb Hooper)
  • Attention for Every Dog (Ann Bulke & Lynn Mayo)
  • Loose Leash Walking Seminar

Rules, Tools & Tricks of Positive Reinforcement, Leslie Nelson, Delaware, July 2006

Trick Training & Improving Clicker Skills, Broitman & Lippman, 2 days, Connecticut, July 2006

Clicking for Class, Kathy Sdao, 3 days, New York, May 2005

The Biting Dog Conference, Accord, New York, 2 days, November 2004

The Science & Art of Clicker Training, Kathy Sdao, 3 days, New York, May 2004

Fear and Aggression, Jean Donaldson, New Jersey, April 2004

Coaching People to Train their Dogs, Terry Ryan, 3 days, Ohio, March 2004

Aggression Management for Canines, New Jersey, 5 days, September 2002, including:

  • Working with Highly Aggressive Dogs
  • Object/Food Aggression
  • Territorial Aggression
  • Predatory Aggression
  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression
  • Fear Aggression
  • Pain-Induced Aggression
  • Handler-Induced Aggression

Advanced Instructor Training Course: Consultations and Problem Solving (Pia Silvani, Sue Sternberg, Donna Duford), 5 days, New York, August 2001, including:

  • Evaluating Temperament vs. Behavior
  • What is this Dog Telling Me? Making Effective Observations
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Feisty Fidos - Reintegrating them into Canine Society
  • Reading Stress in Dogs
  • Euthanasia Counseling

Instructor's Workshop, Ian Dunbar, 3 days, Florida, May 2001

Instructor Training Course: Teaching and Training (Pia Silvani, Sue Sternberg, Donna Duford), 5 days, New York, April 2000 including:

  • Evaluating Shelter Dogs
  • Stress in Dogs
  • Evaluating Dogs for Cats & Children
  • Information Gathering for Behavior Problems
  • Evaluating and Treating Behavior Problems

Aggression Workshop, Sue Sternberg, New Jersey, 2 days, April 2000, including:

  • Dog to Dog Aggression
  • Resource Guarding
  • The Controversial Pitbull

Aggression Toward Strangers, Sue Sternberg, NYC, April 5, 2000

Canine Behavior Continuing Education Course, John Rogerson & Gwen Bailey, UK, May 1999 - February 2000

Agility Tricks and Behavior Problem Solving, Donna Duford, 2 days, Garrison, New York, January 2000

Association of Pet Dog Trainers' Conference, San Diego, 5 days, November 1999 including:

  • Learning Theory (Ian Dunbar)
  • Tricks to Treat Behavior Problems (Donna Duford)
  • Understimulation and Overstimulation (Jean Donaldson)
  • Temperament Testing (Sue Sternberg)
  • Making the Learning Process Understandable & Enjoyable (Steve White)
  •  Help! My Dog Bit My Child! (Donna Duford)
  • The Human Equation: Why We are Compelled to Punish (Christine Barbiarz)

The Inducive Retrieve, Sue Sternberg, Holbrook, New York, February 1999

Teaching & Training, John Rogerson, 5 days, Great Britain, October 1998

Behavior Problem Solving (Level 2), John Rogerson, 3 days, New York, May 1998

Canine Aggression Seminar, Suzanne Hetts, New Jersey, April 1997

Solving Canine Behavior Problems, New Jersey, April 1996



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