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We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you (at a distance, of course!)




  • We take a maximum of 6 dogs per class in our classroom.  The training area ALONE (not in including entry/exit and bathroom/office areas) is 2500 square feet (50 x 50), so we’ve got more-than-adequate space for social distancing. 
  • Everyone entering the building MUST wear a mask and must wear their mask for the duration of the class.
    • Remember, the purpose of a mask is to protect others!
    • While children over the age of 5 are always welcome, we ask that you do not bring them if they are not capable of wearing their mask throughout class.
  • There will be NO waiting area available – please wait in your cars until we unlock the door and turn the “OPEN” sign on
  • Please EMAIL your vaccination records to us prior to class to minimize close contact to check vaccination records. A photo from your phone is also fine.
  • We use large colored “dots” as well as “boxes” taped off on the floor as a visual reminder of our social distancing obligations! Please keep yourself and your dog inside the “box” at all times
  • To maximize disinfection time between classes, we must ask that you leave the classroom and the parking lot as soon as class ends. We will, as always, be available via phone or email to answer any questions you may have.
  • NO MORE THAN TWO DOGS AT A TIME ARE ALLOWED ON THE POTTY AREA – Please maintain social distancing even when outside
  • Our retail area will be gated off and stocked with “NO-TOUCH” samples
    • If you would like to purchase something, let us know we will get it for you.
  • We are unable to allow beverages or food (for human consumption!) into the classroom at this time 
  • Our official “makeup class” policy has always been that missed classes cannot be made up (but we would try to find you a spot if available!); we are not offering makeups at this time to minimize contacts with new people 
  • Students are not permitted to use the mop bucket to clean up – your instructor will clean up any “accidents” once brought to our attention
  • If you or anyone in your home isn’t feeling well for ANY REASON, please let us know IMMEDIATELY and DO NOT come to class. If anyone in your family is diagnosed with covid or has been exposed, you must let us know immediately.
    • We are happy to make the class available to you live via Zoom. While these conditions are not ideal, our goal is to keep you and our staff safe so we can STAY OPEN and help everyone as best we can! Remember, if businesses are shut down again, classes will go back online, and we want to see you in person
  • If we are subjected to a Covid shutdown, classes will transition to Zoom. No refunds will be available

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