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ELLEN RASSIGER - Courses & Continuing Education

Understanding Sound Sensitivity, January 2024 (Emily Priestley)

The High Drive Dog Conference, July 2023 (Denise Fenzi et al)


Talking About Behavioral Euthanasia, 2022 (Trish McMillan and Sue Alexander)

The Aggression in Dogs Conference, October 2021, including:

A Case Study in Reactivity (Denise Fenzi)

Treating Aggression Through an Enrichment Framework (Allie Bender & Emily Strong)

Changes to Behavioral Adjustment Training (Grisha Stewart)

Day to Day and Veterinary Care Behaviors (Chirag Patel) 

Nosework 101, Denise Fenzi Academy, Spring 2015


Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor's Course, (Reactive Dog Workshop), Grisha Stewart New York, 5 days, July 2014


Recallers 4.0 Course, Susan Garrett, 9 weeks, March - May 2012


Karen Pryor Academy, 8 months, 2011

Graduated with Distinction


Clicker Expo, Newport Beach, Ca., 3 days, January 2011, including:

Aggression Treatment and Context (Ken Ramirez)

Clicking with Class - Teaching Classes Clicker Style (Tia Guest)

Mine! Using Play to Teach Self Control (Kay Laurence)

Click to Calm Unleashed - A Winning Combination for the Reactive Dog (Emma Parsons)

Smart Reinforcement (Ken Ramirez)

Generalization - Scientifically Explored (Jesus Rosales-Ruiz)

Learning Games and Play (Kay Laurence) 


Association of Pet Dog Trainers' Conference, Oakland Ca., 5 days, October 2009 including:

Symposium on Fear & Anxiety Behaviors (Dr. Emily Levine, Sue Sternberg, Kathy Sdao, Nicole Wilde, Pia Silvani, Dr. Doug Kneuven and Ian Dunbar)

Through a Dog's Ear: The Effect of Human Sounds on Animals (Joshua Leeds)

Training a Thinking Dog: The Advantages of Marker Training (Gail Fisher)

Evaluation of Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT) for Use in Inter-Dog Aggression

Problem Solving in the Real World (Steve White)

Handling Aggression Cases (Nicole Wilde)

It Appears to be Behavioral but Could it Be Medical? (Dr. Ellen Lindell)

Dog Sports or Dog Parks? (Sue Sternberg)

Training Small Dogs (Teoti Anderson)


Reactive Rover Camp, Peaceable Paws (Pat Miller), 3 days, Maryland, June 2009


Constructional Aggression Treatment Workshop, Peaceable Paws, 3 days, Maryland, Oct. 2008


Shaping Camp, Peaceable Paws (Pat Miller), 3 days, Maryland, June 2007


Cues and Behavior Chains, Kathy Sdao, 2 days, Massachusetts, April 2007


Advanced Clicker Skills, Kathy Sdao, 2 days, Connecticut, October 2006


Camp Gone to the Dogs, 5 days, Vermont, September 2006, including:

Preventing, Solving and Managing Behavior Problems (Sue Sternberg)

Barking Problems

Dog to Dog Problems

Real Life Fun & Games


The Purely Positive Recall (Barb Hooper)

Attention for Every Dog (Ann Bulke & Lynn Mayo)

Loose Leash Walking Seminar


Rules, Tools & Tricks of Positive Reinforcement, Leslie Nelson, Delaware, July 2006


Trick Training & Improving Clicker Skills, Broitman & Lippman, 2 days, Connecticut, July 2006


Clicking for Class, Kathy Sdao, 3 days, New York, May 2005


The Biting Dog Conference, Accord, New York, 2 days, November 2004


The Science & Art of Clicker Training, Kathy Sdao, 3 days, New York, May 2004


Fear and Aggression, Jean Donaldson, New Jersey, April 2004


Coaching People to Train their Dogs, Terry Ryan, 3 days, Ohio, March 2004


Aggression Management for Canines, New Jersey, 5 days, September 2002, including:

Working with Highly Aggressive Dogs

Object/Food Aggression

Territorial Aggression

Predatory Aggression

Dog-to-Dog Aggression

Fear Aggression

Pain-Induced Aggression

Handler-Induced Aggression


Advanced Instructor Training Course: Consultations and Problem Solving (Pia Silvani, Sue Sternberg, Donna Duford), 5 days, New York, August 2001, including:

Evaluating Temperament vs. Behavior

What is this Dog Telling Me? Making Effective Observations

Ethics and Professionalism

Feisty Fidos - Reintegrating them into Canine Society

Reading Stress in Dogs

Euthanasia Counseling


Instructor's Workshop, Ian Dunbar, 3 days, Florida, May 2001


Instructor Training Course: Teaching and Training (Pia Silvani, Sue Sternberg, Donna Duford), 5 days, New York, April 2000 including:

Evaluating Shelter Dogs

Stress in Dogs

Evaluating Dogs for Cats & Children

Information Gathering for Behavior Problems

Evaluating and Treating Behavior Problems


Aggression Workshop, Sue Sternberg, New Jersey, 2 days, April 2000, including:

Dog to Dog Aggression

Resource Guarding

The Controversial Pitbull


Aggression Toward Strangers, Sue Sternberg, NYC, April 5, 2000


Canine Behavior Continuing Education Course, John Rogerson & Gwen Bailey, UK, May 1999 - February 2000


Agility Tricks and Behavior Problem Solving, Donna Duford, 2 days, Garrison, New York, January 2000


Association of Pet Dog Trainers' Conference, San Diego, 5 days, November 1999 including:

Learning Theory (Ian Dunbar)

Tricks to Treat Behavior Problems (Donna Duford)

Understimulation and Overstimulation (Jean Donaldson)

Temperament Testing (Sue Sternberg)

Making the Learning Process Understandable & Enjoyable (Steve White)

 Help! My Dog Bit My Child! (Donna Duford)

The Human Equation: Why We are Compelled to Punish (Christine Barbiarz)


The Inducive Retrieve, Sue Sternberg, Holbrook, New York, February 1999


Teaching & Training, John Rogerson, 5 days, Great Britain, October 1998


Behavior Problem Solving (Level 2), John Rogerson, 3 days, New York, May 1998


Canine Aggression Seminar, Suzanne Hetts, New Jersey, April 1997


Solving Canine Behavior Problems, New Jersey, April 1996

Ellen's Continuing Education
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