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Family Dog Level 2

The Family Dog Level 2 program brings your dog training journey to an exciting new level! See our exciting new Family Dog 2 video!

  • Sit/stays and Down/stays - we work at greater distances, with more distractions, even working out-of-sight!
  • Come - the everyday recall is strengthened amidst greater distractions and the "Emergency Recall" is introduced
  • Leave it - now applies to ANYTHING on the ground, as well on food on coffee tables, snack trays, etc.
  • Heel - Loose Leash Walking becomes more precise as we work with dogs and people passing even closer
  • Stand/Stay - a helpful exercise for medical exams, treatment, and everyday life like wiping paws. Also helpful when teaching tricks!

There is also a strong emphasis on this course in gaining more precise "cue control" - that your dog responds the first time, every time!!! 

Family Dog Level 1 is a prerequisite for this course.

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