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See what some happy clients have to say about Happy Dog training!

I just wanted to let you know I have been consistently doing the wait at doors training with Linus. The other day my other dog opened the door and the wind kept it open. I heard it but it took me a bit to run from upstairs to the other end of the house. Linus was just sitting at the door looking for me!!! I was so happy and impressed!!!! Thanks for all the great training!

Diana S.. Huntington, NY

As first-time dog owners, we were very nervous and overwhelmed when we brought Quincy home. We got so much conflicting advice about our puppy's care and training, it was impossible to know what was right. By using the techniques we learned at Happy Dog, we quickly gained confidence and saw immediate results. How reassuring it was to have our many questions patiently answered, both in-class and over the phone/email. Best of all, your program was fun!

Lynn Aguirre, Northport, New York

We were amazed at how well all the dogs in the class learned. We had watched the videos on line of your classes and thought, no way was that possible (Go to Mat, "Leave It") - but we learned it was!

Tom & Jeanne Hayden, Commack, New York

We have had a blast in your class and appreciate everything you've taught us. Tank is still a puppy, but everyone who sees him is amazed at how well he performs sitting, lying down, rolling over, leaving food alone until told to get it, coming when called, and basically behaving as a well-mannered dog.

Jim Gonzales, E. Northport, NY

Zoe and I really enjoyed Family Dog 2. Our favorite part has been working on recalls. We recently attended a camp together and we were able to work off leash with hundreds of other dogs and distractions around us. All of our work in your class earned Zoe her Canine Good Citizen title and certification as a Therapy Dog with TDI. Most of all we both loved the time together in your positive, "can do" setting. You are a terrific trainer.

Pam Holbrook & Zoe

Happy Dog Training helped us to keep our sanity after we brought home two puppies at once--double the fun and trouble. We went from feeling totally out of control to actually enjoying our dogs! Mealtime changed from the dogs jumping and devouring the food to sitting and waiting for the ok to eat. Walks went from us being taken for a walk to leisurely strolls. They sit, down, and come on command. What a difference. So glad that you were recommended to us. We couldn't have made it without you! Thank you!

Marilyn Rubenstein, Huntington

Yesterday, I went out the front door and Peyton got out. She ran down the driveway and right for the road. I panicked. I thought - what do I do...do I run and get her leash? No, she was running full force toward 25A. I thought - I have to try what I learned in class. It's my only hope. I got down on my knees and yelled "Peyton, Come!" and she stopped, turned around and ran right back to me. I couldn't believe it! I read other people's testimonials and thought - Peyton would never listen. Because of you, my dog's life was saved. Thank you so much!!!

Erica H., Smithtown

Just wanted to say thank you for a great training session...Norman has learned so much these past 8 weeks. My family cannot believe how well he is doing. He can sit and say hello to people calmly. He goes to my work and everyone is very impressed with his behavior! You are really great at what you do, and Norman will miss his Thursday nights with you!

Leigh, Gene and Norman

Hi Ellen, I have to tell you how you just saved Tess’s life.

There we were, walking along, about two houses away from the busiest intersection in town as the lunch rush is just starting. She sees a couple looking at her and smiling on the other side of the street. She starts to wag the tail and pull a bit. Her collar let go! In a split second, she’s galloping toward the intersection, tail flying. In that same split second (which feels like a half hour as I’m picturing how this is all going to end up) I’m whining, oh no, oh no, oh no. In the next second, with her twenty feet from the intersection (and she doesn’t have the light) I yell “Tess, Come!” She turned on a dime, ran back, and sat at my feet! I was thanking you all the way home.

Katie L., Port Washington

I just wanted to let you know that the "Emergency COME" command has worked again. Today my son stopped over for a visit and left the slider to the patio open when he went outside. I didn't notice until Fred went dashing out, heading down the driveway towards our busy street.     "Fred, come!" made him stop in his tracks, turn around and come directly to me.     He had to give his signature little jump before he sat, but that was OK with me! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I hope to return to Fred for the next class in the near future.

Judy S., Huntington

I just wanted to thank you for a great class.  It was great bonding for us and I have seen such a difference in my dog. The other night I was walking Lexi and my neighbor was outside - she went out of her way to tell me that she sees a great difference in Lexi within the past month. You had a lot to do with it!!! Also, this morning, we went outside and there was a rabbit about a foot away from us. It was in her   ex-pen and she didn't go crazy!!  Her ears went up; I said "stay", and she did!!!  

Melissa K., Port Washington

Just wanted to let you know that Angie just passed the Therapy Dog test...you truly helped to lay the foundation for a great dog. I can't believe how reliable she has become with the commands of "leave it" (I can now put on my stockings without her grabbing it, although I can tell she'd really love to!), "release", etc. She gets her teeth and hair brushed daily and no longer tries to escape. Aside from all the annoying things she DOESN'T do, she remains a happy, affectionate and playful companion. I guess Jay and I got "trained" thanks to you. You'll always be in our hearts.

Joyce and Jay K., Plainview

I took Emma to the dog park in West Hills today.  There were about 20 dogs running around. I used the emergency recall word and she broke away and came to me.  I never, in a million years, would have thought she'd get to this point.  I remember you talking about it in Puppy Class and thinking, "No way is this dog going to ever to be able to do that stuff."
So, all I can say is, "Thanks!"  She's a great dog and you're a great teacher.

Steve G., Huntington

...I really have gotten so much out of your class. In the past I had 2 trainers for 2 different dogs. Both of them were all about punishing and showing "who's the boss". It is embarrassing to say, but I always wondered why it was that my dogs just didn't seem to like me very much. And now I realize what you said in class: it is all about the relationship...Halle is always so happy to see me and when I say "Halle come" just once, she sprints from wherever she is!

Brigitte A., Cold Spring Harbor

Jerry is now a well-adjusted 7-month old puppy, no longer exhibiting signs of aggression. Clearly the chain-throwing, growling "trainer" was a mistake. He came into our home only twice, but it was enough for Jerry to become aggressive when corrected. Thanks to Ellen, he was saved from a one-way trip back to Montana. I'm looking forward to the next level of training.

Patty and Steve R., Baldwin

I just wanted to give you an update on Fannie. She is now completely blind, and as you predicted, she is doing great...We had to learn some new commands to navigate curbs and stairs: "step up" and "step down" are essentials. Also, her hearing and smell help her immensely and I do what I can to help inform her about her surroundings.

The main point of this email, though, is to thank you. I always enjoyed taking classes with you but it wasn't until now that I truly appreciated the skills you taught us, and the bond that you helped us build. Your classes and advice have been such a key piece of Fannie and I learning how to live now that she is blind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your expertise, wisdom, and genuine care.

Gabrielle S. and Fannie, New York City

I wanted to thank you for your help with Madeline. I adopted a tiny little terror, and she's turned into a wonderful sidekick. I've actually used her for demos for interns and visiting students on how to restrain and do exams, and she's always wonderful.

Kay Kim, VMD (Veterinary Opthamology Intern)

I was so proud of Sparky! My husband left the house and forgot to put away a whole bunch of leftover sandwiches and salads...they were right on the kitchen table. I got home to Sparky wagging his tail, but he didn't touch a thing! Not even the pigs-in-a-blanket, and he loves those smelly hotdogs!

Terri K., Smithtown


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