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Training a Puppy with Snack

Join just for fun or to prepare your dog for stardom!

Your dog will learn both funny AND useful tricks! Terrific for high-energy dogs who need more than just physical exercise to wear them out, great for building confidence in shy dogs, and wonderful for older dogs who can't exercise as much but still need something to do with their brain! 

Tricks class has a flexible format; students can work on assigned tricks or design their own with their instructor's help. Watch our fun Tricks video (updated video coming soon)

Some tricks to choose from include: 

  • Shake/high five

  • Wave

  • Roll Over/Play Dead

  • Spin

  • Dance

  • Back Up

  • Take a Bow/Say Your Prayers

  • Close the Door

  • Achoo! (bring a tissue)

  • Skateboarding (level 2)


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