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Games Class is a BLAST and unlike any other dog training class you've ever taken. Join us for relay races, musical chairs, "bowling" name it, we'll find a way to make it a dog training game! No athletic skills necessary (the class is NON-COMPETITIVE), just bring your sense of humor!


The format varies...sometimes the whole group works together to to beat the clock, sometimes you're paired off in teams, and sometimes "competing" individually against  your classmates. The points don't matter, and everybody wins, especially the dogs! 6 week course

Applicants for this course must have successfully completed Family Dog 1 at Happy Dog Training and must be *nonreactive* to people and other dogs. Dogs need not be perfect, but should have good loose leash walking skills (it's okay if you're still working with food), and be able to sit, down, stay, come, leave it and go to mat on cue.


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