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Saint Bernard dog across pine trees duri

Family Dog 2 (video here) adds strength and resilience to the skills your dog learned in Family Dog 1 so they can be responsive to you in any environment. The main goal of this course is for your dog to happily respond even when they KNOW you do not have food in your hands or on your body! This also prepares your dog for the addition distance, duration and distraction exercises, as well as off-leash work, in Family Dog 3. 


Applicants for this course must have successfully completed Family Dog 1 at Happy Dog Training and must be *nonreactive* to people and other dogs. Dogs need not be perfect, but should have good loose leash walking skills (it's okay if you're still working with food), and be able to sit, down, stay, come, leave it and go to mat on cue. (Note: this course was formerly called Beyond the Backyard.) 

Family Dog 2

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